Friday, April 16, 2010

Windows Update error 80072efd on Windows 7

Having trouble running Windows Update on Windows 7?  Getting error 80072efd?  Here is a quick and easy way to fix this problem.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Monday, November 30, 2009

Add "My Computer" to Your Windows 7 / Vista Taskbar

If you are like me you like to have the quickest access possible to folders on your desktop, which usually means putting something onto the taskbar if possible. You can add the Computer menu as a folder on the taskbar for the easiest access to your drives. You could also use this tip for any folder you want.

To add a folder to the taskbar, just right-click on the taskbar and choose the Toolbars menu, and then click on New Toolbar.
Just find the folder that you want… in this instance we’ll select the Computer icon and then click on Select Folder.
Now you can see the Computer folder right there on the taskbar. If you click the little arrows it will pop up and let you browse through all your drives.
I always add the Desktop to the toolbar as well.

The same thing works on Windows 7 as well.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Access Hidden Regional Themes in Windows 7

Windows 7 offers you location specific Aero themes based on the language and location you pick during installation.  Here we will take a look at accessing other hidden themes from different countries.  When you first start the Windows 7 installation the first thing you will do is select a language, time and currency format.  This is where Windows determines what themes you're presented with by default.
Being from the US I'm presented with location specific themes from the United States with desktop backgrounds such as scenery from Maine, Idaho, Oregon etc.
To access the other international themes copy and paste the following path into the search box and hit Enter.
In the MCT folder you will find additional themes for Canada, Australia, South Africa, and Great Britain.
You can go in and grab just the Wallpapers.
Or go into the Theme folder double click on the the thumbnail to add it. 
Here you can see I added all of them and now they will be available under the My Themes section for when you want to change them around.
This is a neat little trick that will let you customize Windows 7 with hidden themes already available.  Also if you want to get more themes head over to the Microsoft site.

Access Frequently Used Items in Windows 7 with Jump Lists

Finding a way to easily access recently used files, folders, and websites could be annoying in previous versions of Windows.  Here is a look at the new Jump List feature in Windows 7 that allows you to quickly access recently used items.

Using Jump lists
To access jump lists Right-click a program icon on the Taskbar, like in this example of Internet Explorer.  Notice too that you can pin those items to the Taskbar if you wish.
When you have the jump list open click the first letter of an item to jump between them.
Here is an example of the Jump List feature in the Start Menu.  This makes it easy to access recently opened items as well.
Periodically you might want to clear out the jump list history, to do this Right-click on Start and choose Properties.
Now under the Start Menu tab uncheck one or both boxes under Privacy to clear the Taskbar or Start menu item history or both.
This is a great new feature in Windows 7 that makes navigating items a lot faster.

5 Great Music Desktop Gadgets for Vista and Windows 7

Are you a music fan who wants an easy way to get the music you love with a simple application on your desktop?  Here is a list of some of the cooler music themed desktop gadgets for Vista and Windows 7. Radio
Check out new artists and bands emerging on the music scene with the gadget.  It allows you to control playback, volume, and songs.  You can can pick from a wide variety of music genres including Ska, Rock, Rap, and much more.
unsigned bands
Download Radio Desktop Gadget

iTunes Accessory Gadget
This cool gadget allows you to control playback of tracks and other settings in iTunes without having to open up the entire iTunes application.
ituneshelper ituneshelp2
Download iTunes Accessory Gadget

ChroniX MetalRadio
If you are a fan of heavy metal, one of the coolest online metal stations is ChroniX Radio.  This handy gadget lets you stream and control playback of their three channels–Aggression, Metal, and Grit–where each has a different flavor of hard rock and metal.
Download Chronix MetalRadio Gadget

iClassical Radio Player
For fans of classical music this gadget lets you stream classical music from a variety of online classical stations.  The only controls are stop and play but being able to select from a wide variety of stations on your desktop make this a excellent app for the classical music connoisseur.
Download the iClassical Radio Player Gadget

Media Player Gadget
This ties into your Windows Media Player library and allows you to easily search it.  It also will display album artwork, track information, and give you visualizations when playing a song.  It is a lot easier to navigate than opening the full WMP application.
Media Player
Download Media Player Gadget

If you are a fan of Music and desktop gadgets you might want to give these a try.  We would like to know about some of your favorite Windows Desktop Gadgets just leave a comment below.